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Pro Street Import first opened it's doors November 1998 in La Habra CA and moved to it's current location at 14656 Firestone blvd , La Mirada CA 90638 in May 2003.

Specializing in performance upgrades, engine transplants, in house Dyno tuning, engine bluids, transmission builds, custom suspension installs, complete electrical repair or custom installs.


Owner Eugene Castro

Toyota Certified since 1997 Eugene Castro has never lost the passion to want to learn. Pro Street Import is a perfect way to keep a man like Eugene happy in his chosen career path. being educated in engines, transmissions, electrical, brakes and suspension by Corperate Toyota Certified Instructors along with working side by side with mentors like Jesse Morales and Gerald Cordell from Team Honda/Acura helped with making a large majority of Eugene's career accomplishments. "I WILL NEVER S#*T ON THE ONES WHO HELPED ME".



Some might find it hard to believe Eugene Castro being once just like all other young men growing up......definite DUMBASS during his awake hours is how he kept it for some years and has the driving record to prove it..."MY DRIVING RECORD PROVES I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING".... a lot of true experience is something not many have in this part of the automotive industry. There are no reliable courses which teach anything other then "HOW IT WAS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED" and "RECOMMENDED REPAIR PROCEDURES".......ABSOLUTELY  NONE!!!! 

DISCLAIMER: Education and experience outside of "RECOMMENDED REPAIR PROCEDURE" is not recommended for pulbic street use. For this expeience does come with hefty fines and more then likely some time spent in the custody of the county jail. 

In 2002 Mtv had followed Eugene around for a bit. True Life "I'm a street racer" got 2,000,000 views the first night. With that Eugene literally influenced the roll Vin Diesel plays in The Fast and The Furious. 2008 he was #2 in the country for the naturally aspirated/ allmotor Street Car Class  and held top ten for almost 2 years without even racing. 2012 Eugene was voted #1 Naturally Aspirated Engine Builder for Southern California.



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